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Why off-grid inverters can reach several times peak power in a short time

May-12, 2020 News

In a photovoltaic grid-tie system, Include PV Module, Inverters, and the grid. More solar radiation, More solar energy, More power from Inverter, In off-grid system, PV module, battery, inverter, and loads form an off-grid system. The output power of the inverter is determined by load. Some inductive load, such as air conditioners and water pumps, have the motors inside. Start power 3-5 times, that’s why off-grid inverters have overload protect function.

Must’s off-grid high-frequency inverter isolation technology can reach twice peak power; Low frequency can reach three times peak power. The inverter provides energy to the load, part of come from the battery or photovoltaic module, excess provided by inverter itself.

Capacitors and inductors are both energy storage components. larger capacitor more electricity. The inductor stores energy in magnetic field.
Isolation transformer is 50Hz. Both transformers and inductor can store energy.

The main role of the inductor is to hinder the current change. When current increases, it will hinder the increase of the current, and at the same time store a part of the energy through the magnetic field; when the current decreases, it will hinder the reduction of the current in the circuit, and release the stored energy to maintain the current. Because the inductor has capable storing energy, it has functions such as filtering and delay.

Off-grid systems, the output power is determined by load. When an inductive load like electric motor, large current required in a short time, and these energy cannot provided by photovoltaics and the storage battery. If the lithium battery overload in a short time, it will cause explosion. However, the capacitors, inductors, and transformers in inverter can store energy and reach peak power several times in a short time without damage.

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