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What Should We Pay Attention on when install the solar inverter ?

Apr-18, 2022 News

1. All installation operations must be completed by professional technicians; all electrical installations must meet local and national electrical standards.
2. The installation personnel must read the manual thoroughly and receive relevant training before installation operation.
3. Before installation, check whether the inverter if it is damaged during shipping
4. When choosing a solar inverter installation site, it should be ensured that there is no interference from other electromagnetic equipment in the surrounding area.
5. When exposed to sunlight, the photovoltaic modules must be covered with opaque materials or the DC side circuit breaker can be disconnected before electrical connection can be made, otherwise the photovoltaic array will be dangerous voltage and cause an electric shock accident.
6. Before installing the inverter, check whether the model and specifications meet the environmental requirements.
7. Avoid unnecessary connect with circuit boards when installing the inverter, to prevent static electricity from damaging the equipment.
8. After the inverter is installed, the inverter can be connected to the grid only after obtaining the permission of the local power department and confirming that all electrical connections are completed.
9. Pay attention to and follow the warning signs on the product.
10. Before operation, preliminarily visually inspect the equipment for damage or other dangerous conditions.
11. Pay attention to the hot surface of the inverter. When installing, reserve enough space to facilitate heat dissipation.

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