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What is the difference between a voltage regulator and UPS power supply?

Dec-04, 2019 News

The UPS power supply is like an emergency power supply. It can be connected to the mains, acts as an AC mains regulator, and also charges the internal battery. When the utility power is interrupted, the UPS will continue to supply 220V AC power to the load through the inverter conversion method to ensure that the server in the equipment room will not be powered off.

The regulated power supply cannot provide backup power for the server when the utility is interrupted. It is designed for voltage instability. It is mainly used to protect the back-end equipment and has perfect functions for equipment protection. In the case of unstable voltage, high and low voltage, a regulated power supply can be used, but the server will not be powered.

In summary, the regulated power supply is also known as the voltage regulator. It is a completely different set of concepts from the UPS power supply. Many people always mistake the regulator and UPS power supply as the same kind of products. Actually, There is a difference, not only that function, construction or principle is not a concept at all. Therefore, when purchasing, you can choose according to your actual situation, and you must distinguish them.

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