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What causes the fluctuation of battery price

Nov-23, 2019 News

Lead prices are up nearly 30 per cent and the market is still in short supply.

The price of lead is at a relatively high level, rising from 15,500 yuan per ton in May to more than 20,000 yuan per ton in June, an increase of nearly 30 percent, CCTV reported. Even so, UPS battery manufacturers said that there are so many orders, new orders are temporarily unable to receive, there is no surplus lead to sell, the market demand.

Market demand to lead prices continue to bullish.

Industry insiders believe that the rise in the price of lead is mainly the entry of capital, environmental protection supervision under the production capacity decline due to tight supply. With the arrival of the hot summer, major brand battery manufacturers are replenishing inventory, lead prices will continue to rise. Now it seems that UPS battery price is not groundless, lead prices continue to rise will drive the price of battery climb, is expected to July, battery prices, you want to buy a car or change the battery of consumers have to grasp, wait for a day, may spend more.

As the tight supply of lead, and other reasons, led to the price of lead unceasingly in the rise in price, may you see just lead the cyclical fluctuations, but the contrast, before has not actually want to know the price of lead in September last year, 15005 yuan per ton, on September 26, now checked yesterday lead price 21.500 yuan per ton, compared to the same period last year the price of 6.500 yuan per ton increase 43.3%, for profit greatly reduce UPS battery manufacturer, if it is signed a long list of last year, according to the order of price, it will have to sell a, losing one.

In fact, more than these, and the price of wrapping paper skin rose by 60%, the price of glue also rose, plate also rose, the artificial part is also, but lead is the most important, so that UPS battery manufacturer’s cost profit pressure is very low, very low, price rise, price rise is inevitable.

Lead-acid battery as an essential component of electric vehicles, the rise in the price of lead also affects the normal development of the electric vehicle industry. The rise in lead prices has also indirectly led to increased procurement costs for downstream battery manufacturers. In general, waste lead batteries per unit weight contain 74 percent lead plates, 20 percent sulfuric acid and 6 percent plastic. According to the current production method of lead-acid battery, the utilization rate of the recovered UPS battery can reach 80%. If the battery recycling industry can be developed under the stimulation of the rising lead price, it will contribute to the healthy development of China’s lead-acid battery recycling market.

The benchmark price of lead has reached 15425 yuan/tons, in order to cope with the rising price and the phenomenon of a large number of exports, the domestic market lead battery enterprises have begun to all prices by 15%, the raw material the price is about 20% of lead batteries, such a high rate of price increases let UPS battery enterprises have no ability to consumption and to bear, so the battery terminal prices is inevitable.

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