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UPS power supply Malfunction analysis and Maintenance (1/2)

Apr-09, 2020 News

UPS power supply is a energy storage device and inverter as the main component. It is one of the indispensable Part of communication equipment, computer system. Its function is protect interruption of communication, the loss of important data and the damage of hardware. However, UPS power also has some Malfunctions.

The following are some problems you meet when using UPS:

Problem 1: The UPS power output is normal when there is Grid, When no Grid the buzzer beeping and no output.
Analysis: According for Judgment, battery and the inverter are partially faulty, you can checked following procedures:
1. Check the battery voltage to see if the battery is not fully charged. If not, check the battery itself is fault or the charging is fault.
2. Check whether the inverter drive circuit works normally. If the drive circuit output is normal, the inverter is malfunction.
3. Check the waveform for PWM control signal output. If there is a control signal output, the inverter drive circuit fault.
4. Check whether the output is blocked due to the protection circuit operation, then find the protection reason;
5. If the protection circuit not working and the working voltage is normal, and the waveform generation circuit has no PWM output, the waveform generation circuit is damaged.

Problem 2: The battery voltage is low, battery voltage can not be turn normal when charged more than ten hours.
Analysis: problemm on battery or charging, you can check by following steps:
1. Check if the input and output voltage of the charging circuit is normal;
2. If the input of the charging circuit is normal, the output abnormal, problem on charging circuit if disconnected the battery
3. If the input and output can work when disconnecting the battery, the battery was damaged due to long-term uncharged, over-discharged.

Problem 3: After the UPS is turned on, there is no display on screen, and doesn’t work.
Analysis: problem on Grid input, battery and grid detection and battery voltage detection :
1. Check the grid input fuse whether is burnt;
2. Check the battery fuse , because sometime UPS will turn off output and display when detect no battery voltage;
3. Check the grid detection circuit. If the grid detection circuit not working and the UPS no start function by grid , the UPS will turn off output and display.
4. Check the battery voltage detection circuit.

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