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Three major standards for UPS uninterrupted power supply selection

Nov-15, 2019 News

Standard one

Battery safety quality is the lifeline of UPS uninterrupted power supplies. UPS uninterrupted power supply as its name suggests, uninterrupted power
The most important function of the source is to switch to the battery at the moment of power failure and continue to provide power for the computer or other electrical appliances. UPS uninterrupted power supply is the hardware to protect the hardware and electricity safety. Therefore, whether the quality of the backup battery is stable is one of the cores to ensure the normal operation of the UPS uninterrupted power supply. There are about 50% of the UPS in the market.

Failure or repair of an uninterrupted power supply is caused by poor quality batteries. So SMEs buy UPS
When you are uninterrupted power supply, you must select the products of larger manufacturers and the original batteries of the manufacturers. In addition, the standard battery of most backup UPS uninterrupted power supplies can provide about 15 minutes of power time for users to store data, but does not have an optional long delay package.

Standard two

The backup UPS uninterrupted power supply must have a voltage regulation function. The power supply of the power grid is at different peaks in different time periods, and there are many changes and unstable factors. Therefore, the user often encounters voltage instability when using daily power. In the work, due to the high voltage, low and low changes, it is easy to cause the computer to inexplicably crash, or the server has no reason to take the opportunity, causing many unnecessary troubles for the small and medium-sized enterprises in the daily business development. Therefore, another important function of UPS uninterrupted power supply is voltage regulation. The high-end UPS uninterrupted power supply used in the market is integrated with the voltage regulation function, and the backup UPS uninterrupted power supply for the UPS uninterrupted power supply standard for small and medium-sized enterprises is rare.

Standard Three

The industrial design of UPS uninterruptible power supply also needs to be scientific. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have limited space in the computer room or server rack, so a small or rack-mounted server is suitable. At the same time, more and more users are paying more attention to the appearance when purchasing products. Many small and medium-sized users are very fond of their own facades, and after all, the ugly ugly UPS uninterruptible power supply will affect the overall appearance of some corporate office environments. Therefore, the appearance and beauty of the UPS uninterruptible power supply is also one of the main factors of the purchase.

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