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The UPS power supply is very powerful, but it is also very “coquettish”

Jan-14, 2020 News

First of all, UPS loves to clean and is particularly sensitive to dust. If the UPS works in a dusty environment for a long time, it is easy to malfunction, because the dust will inadvertently penetrate the UPS control board and directly cover its electronic circuits. As time goes by, the internal working circuit of the UPS will have poor heat dissipation, and naturally it is prone to failure in the long run.

Second, UPS is afraid of humidity. There are electronic circuits inside the UPS. If each component of the electronic circuit works in a humid environment for a long time, its electrical performance will gradually decrease, and there may also be a leakage phenomenon, which may cause a fire accident.

Finally, UPS is very sensitive to ambient temperature. An environment higher than 40 ° C or an environment lower than 0 ° C will reduce the working efficiency of the UPS, make its potential not fully utilized, and reduce the service life.

For customers, they often lack professional UPS maintenance personnel and sufficient spare parts because they focus on business or are limited by costs. If minor faults are still solvable, customers will be caught by surprise if UPS has a sudden major fault, or the crux of the problem cannot be found, or there are no replaceable spare parts. At this point, losses have already been caused.

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