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The problem of Photovoltaic Module

Dec-19, 2019 News

Photovoltaic modules is important in power stations. The higher quality, the longer lifespan, the higher power generation, and the higher revenue.

Photovoltaic modules have crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon , crystalline silicon modules also divided monocrystaline modules and polycrystalline modules.

Solar PV module have five layers: glass, EVA, battery, EVA, and bottompanel. With the aluminum frame for protection and stability. There is a junction box for power output.
4 problems of photovoltaic modules:

(1) Junction box broken
The junction box is for safe connection. When the PV module broken, the bypass mode keep the system continues power output. According to statistics, 40% photovoltaic station component malfunction is junction box.
Phenomenon include terminals or junction box burning. Th reason from terminal box quality , power station installation connection problems

(2) PID attenuation
The PID phenomenon photovoltaic modules in high voltage in series outdoor. Under the long-term high voltage, there is a leakage between glass and materials, which causes cells deduction, Voc. Power is down.


1.improve the EVA at the component level or use other packaging materials;
2.connect the ground line correct

(3) Cells problem
Hot spot. An important reason for the spots of photovoltaic modules is shadow of clouds, leaves, bird droppings. The spot not only reduce the output power, but also will burning the PV modules.
Avoid short-circuit controllers and inverter USE, short-circuit of photovoltaic arrays.

(4) EVA layer
EVA is a transparent , flexibility and adhesion, light transmission and aging resistance Material. The most common problems are Deterioration, delamination, bubbles, and corrosion.


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