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The power supply UPS in the equipment room unexpectedly jumps

Mar-13, 2020 News

The power supply UPS in the equipment room unexpectedly jumps (the cause of the fault: ground wire) to ensure the normal operation of the server.

In the case of normal mains, the UPS always jumps to the battery pack power mode. In this mode, the beep always screams constantly. Immediately organize personnel to check the circuit and analyze the cause of the failure. Finally, it is connected with the vertical air conditioner in the equipment room. Each time the air conditioner is turned on for a short time, it will automatically switch to the battery pack. Obviously this is due to the influence of the mains output on the high-power air conditioner. But they are separately powered by two separate channels, which are connected from the distribution boards in different power distribution rooms. How can they produce each other?

Follow the wire to open the ceiling, floor, junction box, etc. to check point by point, to see if the circuit is connected to the virtual, and finally found that their zero line and ground line received a piece. So vague, the impact on the UPS can be reflected, it really is a precision equipment, can not be a little vague, if the ground wire of the air conditioner is treated separately, after separating the neutral line and the ground line, then start the air conditioner, and find that there is no more In the case of a UPS jump battery pack, the quality of the power supply is critical to the stability and security of the enterprise network. But network power security actually has many attributes, such as high performance, scalability, reliability, functionality, accuracy, and availability. In order to enable the enterprise network power supply to continue to operate stably, in addition to the usual standard use, it is necessary to periodically perform various maintenance tests on the network power environment. The power supply safety system of the whole computer room needs technical personnel to maintain it carefully, and it is necessary to do daily troubleshooting work, find problems in time, and analyze the impact of unplanned downtime.

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