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The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023

May-16, 2023 News

The 2023 Philippine International Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Exhibition (ESS 2023) is currently the largest and most influential energy industry event in the Philippines focusing on the solar energy and energy storage market.

Currently, the Philippine Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) has a clear goal: by 2040, renewable energy generation will reach 50%. An additional 102GW of installed capacity will be needed to reach this milestone by 2040. Of this, solar will account for the lion’s share of new clean power generation projects, with 27GW of required capacity, including large-scale utility projects and rooftop solar projects. With a new president in office, discussions intensifying about how to provide reliable, affordable clean energy to all citizens, and liberalization of foreign investment and ownership in the energy sector, the Philippines is one of the most exciting clean energy markets in Asia . In short, the Philippines is actively working to secure its energy future.

As the largest energy exhibition in the Philippines, ESS attracts exhibitors and visitors from many countries and regions to participate in the exhibition every year. At that time, power suppliers, energy project leaders and developers, as well as professionals from the government, regulatory agencies and electric utilities All will come to the exhibition site.

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