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Southeast Asia photovoltaic market, Why Vietnam is Hot?

Nov-23, 2019 News

Now Vietnam is Southeast Asia leader in the PV market in , with installation capacity at the highest level. According to the research Vietnam’s PV installations reach 5.5GW in 2019, 44% of Southeast Asia total capacity.

Vietnam on-grid tariff policy, PV projects connected to the grid before June 2019 can get price of US$93.50 per MWh (MWh). the internal profit reach 15-16%.

Next round on-grid tariff policy will implemented on 2021.
The installed capacity in Vietnam has exceeded 18% of the grid capacity. The capacity of the PV project in Pingshun Province of Ningshun Province has 5GW, which more than twice the available capacity of the grid.

Another PV market in Southeast Asia Malaysia, which is expected to achieve 20% of renewable energy generation by 2025. One of the main factors the development of this target is the well-established domestic policy framework and the enormous development opportunities. Malaysia, has an auction policy in supports solar energy net metering program.

Southeast Asia still a photovoltaic emerging market, but PV installation capacity is expected to reach 12.6GW this year, will triple in 2024, reaching 35.8GW. Large-scale PV projects will dominate in the next five years. As the economics of photovoltaic projects become more and more concerned, distributed photovoltaics will also develop.

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