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Solar Inverters

High Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter

PV1500 Series (1-2KVA)

It is a cost effective, intelligent solar inverter which accepts Solar & Utility input at the same time. The comprehensive LCD display offers userconfigurable and easy-accessible button adjustment such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority and DC priority.When battery voltage is low,it will automatically switch to AC grid to supply continuous power to the loads.

  • Built-in 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • 10A or 15A standard charging current from utility AC
  • AC/solar priority for charging via MFD
  • Different charging mode for different kinds of batteries
  • Overload & short-circuit protection, Battery reverse polarity protection, Deep discharge protection
  • Auto restart while AC/solar is recovering Adjustable solar and utility charging current
  • Support two kinds of batteries include LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack and Lead-acid Battery.
  • Support fast max charging current setting
  • Automatic activate lithium battery pack which is be over discharged no output when AC input is OK
Nominal Battery System Voltage12VDC24VDC
Rated Power1000VA / 600W2000VA / 1200W
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Nominal Output Voltage RMS230V
Output Voltage Regulation+10/-18%
Output Frequency50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz
Inverter Efficiency (Peak)>90%
Line Mode Efficiency>95%
Typical Transfer TimeTypical < 10ms , 15ms max
Voltage Range184 ~ 278VAC ± 3%
Frequency Range45 ~ 65Hz ± 2Hz
Note: Below Parameters (PB) Lead-acid Battery / (LI) LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack – 12V(4 Series) 24V(8 Series)
Nominal Input Voltage12VDC24VDC
Low Battery Cutoff10.5VDC(PB)11.5VDC(LI)21.0VDC(PB)23.0VDC(LI)
Low Battery Alarm11.0VDC(PB)12.0VDC(LI)22.0VDC(PB)24.0VDC(LI)
Low Battery Voltage Recover12.5VDC(PB)12.8VDC(LI)25.0VDC(PB)25.6VDC(LI)
High Battery Voltage Recover14.5VDC(PB)14.3VDC(LI)29.0VDC(PB)28.6VDC(LI)
High Battery Voltage Cutoff15.0VDC(PB)14.8VDC(LI)30.0VDC(PB)29.6VDC(LI)
Charger Voltage boost14.4VDC(PB)14.4VDC(LI)28.8VDC(PB)28.8VDC(LI)
Charger Voltage float13.8VDC(PB)14.4VDC(LI)27.6VDC(PB)28.8VDC(LI)
Maximum PV Charge Current30A (max)
Maximum PV Array Power420W840W
MPPT Operating Voltage Range14 ~ 75VDC28 ~ 75VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Voltage100VDC
Maximum Efficiency> 95%
Standby Power Consumption< 2W
AC Charging Current3A / 10A / 15A (Can be set)3A / 7A / 10A (Can be set)
Maximum Charge Current AC+PV10 ~ 45A (Can be set)10 ~ 40A (Can be set)
Overload Protection (SMPS Load)FUSE
Output Short Circuit ProtectionFUSE
Bypass Fuse Rating6.3A10A
Max Bypass Current6.3A10A
PV Charge Fuse Current50A
Machine Dimensions (W*H*D)235 x 290 x 92
Package Dimensions (W*H*D)595 x 375 x 315
Net Weight (kg)2.83.0
Gross Weight (kg)3.53.7
Operation Temperature Range0℃ to 40℃
Audible Noise50dB MAX