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Energy Storage System

Portable Power Station

HBP1600 TP Series (500W)

The HBP 1600 portable power station is built with the LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery pack, in a safely designed frame structure to maximize, and long last the power for every single use of outdoor adventures and home use. HBP 1600 power supply works without bothering noise, no fuel or gasoline, it can safeguard you and your devices by over-voltage protection, over-current and over-temperature protection.

INPUTDirect current inputDC 5521 12-24V-5A
Direct current inputType-C PD60W
AC OUT 110/220VAC output voltageAC plug AC 220V±5%
AC output watt500W
Over-load protection550W
AC output wavePure sine wave
AC output peak1000W peak hold time
USB output portsUSB1 outputQC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
USB2 outputQC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
TC output portType-C1 outputPD18W
TC output portType-C2 outputPD60W
Wireless output 15W
DC output portDC1/DC2 Cigarette lighter12V/10A MAX
Charging parameter DC 12-24V/5A
Charging time5-6Hform 10% to 100% (auto cut-off)
Charging voltage25.2V±0.1Vthe voltage until full-charged
Protect function short circuit/over-load/over-heat/over-voltage/over-current/short-voltage
LED screenShow battery charging statusPercentage of battery charging status
DC/AC/PD working conditionShowing watt
Battery packTypeLi-on battery
RecycleOver 1000 times
Over-heat protectionAC over-heat protection≥85℃
 Battery over-heat protection≥65℃
Boot static 8W