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Solar Inverters

High Frequency Hybrid Solar Inverter

PH1100 PRO Series (4-6KW)

PH1100 PRO Hybrid Solar Inverter is an excellent product that provides a sustainable and reliable solution for your energy needs. The product offers multiple operation modes, including Grid-tie and off-grid with storage backup, making it suitable for all types of energy requirements. Additionally, the product is rated IP65, which means it is both dust-proof and water-proof, ensuring a long-lasting and durable system.

  • — Wide Range of MPPT Voltage
  • Our solar inverter supports a wide range of MPPT voltages, from 120 to 500V.
  • — Multiple Operation Modes
  • Whether you want to connect your solar panels to the grid or use them off-grid with storage backup, our solar inverter has got you covered.
  • — Smart LCD Display and Settings
  • With an LCD display and smart settings, it’s easy to configure your solar inverter to meet your specific needs.
  • — Export Control CT Sensor Function
  • Our solar inverter also supports an export control CT sensor function, which can help you manage the flow of energy from your solar panels back into the grid.
  • — Multiple Communication Options
  • With support for USB, RS485, GPRS, and Wi-Fi communications, you can easily monitor and control your solar inverter from a variety of devices.
  • — Full Protection Functionality
  • Our solar inverter comes equipped with a range of protection functions, including over-voltage, over-frequency, over-current, over-temperature, and AC short-circuit automatic protection.
  • — Intelligent BMS Battery Management Function
  • Our solar inverter also includes an intelligent BMS battery management function, which helps to ensure that your batteries remain healthy and charged.
  • — Fanless Low-Noise Design
  • Our solar inverter is designed with a fanless, low-noise design, which means that it operates quietly and efficiently.
  • — IP65 Dust-proof and Water-proof
  • Our solar inverter is also IP65 dust-proof and water-proof, which means that it can be used in a variety of environments without any worry.
MODELPH11-4048 PROPH11-5048PROPH11-6048 PRO
RATED POWER(W)400050006000
Nominal Battery System Voltage(V)48
Maximum recommended DC power(W)500060007000
Nominal DC operating voltage(V)360
Maximum DC voltage(V)500
MPPT voltage range(V)168~500200~500235~500
Maximum input current(A)15 / 15
No.of MPP tracker2
Strings per MPP tracker1
Nominal AC output power(W)400050006000
Nominal output voltage(V);range(V)220/230/240;180-280
AC grid frequency(Hz);range(Hz)50/60;45~55/55-65
Nominal output current(A)17.521.726
Maximum output current(A)18.122.727.2
Inrush current (spike/duration)57.5A/5.2us
Total harmonic distortion i(THDi)<3%
Power factor at rated power1
Displacement power factor0.8leading ~ 0.8lagging
Grid typeSingle phase
Output Rated Power400050006000
Nominal output voltage(V);accuracy range230±1%
Output ferequency(Hz);accuracy range50/60(optional)±0.2%
Output rated current(A)17.521.726
Output waveformPure sine wave
Peak power(W)6000,10s7500,10s9000,10s
Total harmonic distortion v (linear load)<3%
Battery typeLead-acid battery / Lithium battery
Battery voltage(V)48
Battery voltage range(V)40~60
Charging curveadaptive battery charging
Over-current protection / Over-temperature protectionYes / Yes
Maximum charging power(W)400050006000
Maximum charging currernt(A)85100125
Maximum efficiency97.1%
MPPT efficiency99.8%
DC switch rating for each MPPTYes
Grid monitoringYes
Output over current protectionYes
Output overvoltage protection-varistorYes
Ground fault monitoringYes
Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage currentYes
Net weight (kg)27
DC connectionH4 / MC4
AC connectionTerminal Block
Communication interfacesWi-Fi / USB / GPRS / RS485
Ingress protection ratingIP65
Humidity0~95% RH(No codensing)
Operating temperature range-20℃ +60℃ With derating above 45℃
Cooling conceptNatural