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MPPT Charge Controllers

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

PC1800A Series (30/40A)

This solar charge controller is an advanced solar charger with maximum power point tracking. Applying intelligent MPPT algorithm, it allows solar charge controller to extract maximum power from solar arrays by finding the maximum power point of the array.The MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. Self-diagnostics and electronic error protections prevent damage when installation errors or system faults occur.

  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology increases efficiency 25%~30%
  • Compatible for PV systems in 12V,or24V
  • Three-stage charging optizes battery performance
  • Maximum charging current up to 30A/40A
  • Advanced MPPT technology,with efficienQf no less than 99%
  • Maximum DC- DC conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Battery temperature sensor(BTS) automatically provides temperature compensation Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Integrated intelligent slot compatible with 485 communication
Nominal Battery System Voltage12V / 24V (Auto detection)
Battery Voltage12V24V
Maximum Solar Input Voltage150V
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range≤145V
Maximum Input Power12 Volt-432W
24 Volt-864W
12 Volt-576W
24 Volt-1152W
Charging Set PointsAbsorption, Float
Flooded Battery14.2V/28.4V13.7V/27.4V
AGM/GEL/LEAD (Default)14.4V/28.8V13.7V/27.4V
Over-charging Voltage15.5V / 30.0V
Over-charging Comeback Voltage14.5V / 29.5V
Battery Defect Voltage10.0V / 17.0V
Temperature Compensation Conefficient-5mv / ℃ /cell (25℃ vef)
Peak Conversion Efficiency98% (MPPT Efficiency 99%)
Maximum Battery Current30A40A
Max Charging Current30amps continuous @ 40℃ ambient40amps continuous @ 40℃ ambient
ProtectionsSolar high voltage disconnect Solar high voltage reconnect Battery high voltage disconnect Battery high voltage reconnect High temperature disconnect High temperature reconnect
MountingWall mount
Machine Dimension (W*H*D)(mm)187*255*72 (per pcs)
G.W (kg)2.65
Environmental RatingIndoor
Operation Temperature Range-10~50℃
Ambient Humidity0~90% relative humidity (non-condensing)