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Notes on UPS battery installation

Apr-02, 2020 News

1 /The heating parts of heaters, air conditioners and ventilation should not face the UPS battery directly, and the temperature difference of each part of the battery pack should not exceed 3 ° C as much as possible.

2 /The discharge gap between each battery of the UPS battery pack is not less than 20mm. When the battery is installed upstairs, load requirements should be submitted to the civil engineering department. In areas with an earthquake resistance level of 7 or above, an earthquake-resistant bracket should be designed and fixed with anchor bolts to spread the stress.

3 /Gel batteries are charged and shipped from the factory. They have gel electrolyte inside and have been charged. Care should be taken during installation to avoid any form of impact load.

4 /When installing, it should be as close to the load as possible. The cables, copper bars, and connecting wires used should be appropriate to ensure the safe operation of the connecting bars and avoid increasing the line voltage drop. When using multiple channels in parallel, try to make the line voltage drop approximately the same. And each battery is equipped with a fuse.

5 /The voltage is high and there is a danger of electric shock. When installing and removing conductive cables (copper bars, connecting wires), you should use insulated tools and wear protective gloves.

6 /Dirty contact or inadequate connection may cause the temperature of the battery terminal part to rise and catch fire, and may cause a fire. When installing, keep the connection cable (copper bar, connection wire) and the output end face of the battery clean and firmly connected.

7 /When wiring, connect strictly according to requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to short circuit one, several or the entire group of batteries under no load.
8 If the load cable has been placed in advance, pay attention to the output position of the UPS battery pack and the output direction of the positive and negative terminals when installing.

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