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Must’s 2023 Marketing Strategic Planning Conference was successfully held

Feb-20, 2023 News

Hundreds of boats compete for the flow and thousands of sails compete, and those who borrow the sea to sail are the first. At the beginning of the new year, with the theme of “New Journey, Great Exploitation, Bravely Fighting for Excellence”, Must 2023 Marketing Strategy Planning Conference was grandly held on the 33rd floor of Shenzhen Kingkey 100 Building.

Mr. Wu Changhua, the president of the company, and all the staff of the marketing center participated in the meeting. This conference is of great significance. Must ‘s marketing fighters gathered together. At the meeting, marketing executives and representatives systematically reviewed and summarized the marketing work for the whole year of 2022, and made strategic planning and deployment for the 2023 marketing goals.

Mr. Wu Changhua, the president, fully analyzed the current situation. He emphasized that all departments should accurately grasp the strategic opportunities and risks and challenges they are facing, arm their minds with knowledge, demonstrate their practical performance with actions, and adopt the thinking strategy of actively recognizing, responding to and seeking changes. To carry out the marketing work in 2023, the meeting mobilized all departments to make intensive efforts to identify the target market, focus on core areas, improve customer service levels, devote themselves to responsibilities and forge ahead bravely, and challenge the 2023 annual excellence goal.

In the end, all marketing fighters made an oath that they will go all out in 2023, across the four seas and five continents, work with passion, and start a new journey! So far, the 2023 Must Marketing Strategic Planning Conference has come to a successful conclusi.

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