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MUST at Intersolar Europe 2023

Jun-21, 2023 News

From June 14th to 16th, the three-day Intersolar Europe 2023 took place at the Munich International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Mercer made a remarkable impression with its array of high-quality optical storage exhibits and solutions, attracting the attention of numerous exhibitors. The booth witnessed a constant stream of visitors, leading to several promising collaboration prospects being established on the spot.

The escalating demand for household electricity in Europe, coupled with the growing reliance on electricity, has fostered a broad consensus among European consumers regarding the indispensability of photovoltaic + energy storage systems. At this exhibition, Mercer showcased its PV18 series, PH50 series, HBP series, LP series, and other products, introducing optical storage system solutions to European users.

Throughout the event, the MUST team provided comprehensive displays of the MUST brand, product performance, technical quality, and service concept. They effectively elucidated MUST’s strategic positioning, product strategies, and marketing concepts in the European market to the customers. Moreover, they engaged in discussions with experts and customers present, shedding light on new technologies and emerging trends in optical storage.

Household Energy Storage All-in-One Solution:
Among the showcased products, the HBP 1800 ES series, an integrated energy storage system, supports 3.5 kW and 5.5 kW outputs, and is equipped with solar energy storage lithium batteries ranging from 5120-10240 Wh. This system enables users to manage their solar home energy storage more conveniently. With its user-friendly operation, low maintenance costs, and affordability, this product offers outstanding advantages. It maximizes economic value for users, making round-the-clock green electricity supply a reality for households.

Household Inverter Products:
Within this category, the off-grid PV1800 PRO series stands out as a pure sine wave high-frequency solar inverter control integrated machine with a wide PV input range. When sufficient energy is available, it can operate without a battery. This product boasts a high power density, compact size, ease of use, overall high efficiency, and minimal no-load loss. It serves as a safer and more cost-effective household photovoltaic energy storage solution, garnering popularity among European consumers in the household energy storage market.

Another noteworthy product is the grid-connected PH5000 series, designed with a wide MPPT voltage range of 80-550V, ensuring optimal solar panel connectivity. The series achieves an impressive MPPT efficiency of up to 99.5%. With comprehensive protection functions, this series operates noiselessly, delivers high efficiency, and exhibits strong reliability. It finds wide application in household power generation systems.

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