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Medical industry UPS power supply

Nov-26, 2019 News

Now hospitals are gradually developing be comprehensive, functional areas and enormous. Advanced medical equipment make medical technology safety, reliability and ease maintenance. Higher requirements. Hospital equipment requires high continuity and reliability of power supply, air conditioning system is the main power consumption equipment of hospitals.

The primary factor in the selection of medical equipment UPS power is stability and reliability. Medical equipment is mostly precision instruments, and electrical continuity is very strict.

Program advantages:
Industrial UPS is designed for large users. Its main application are various data processing systems, telecommunication systems, satellite systems, network systems, medical equipment, safety emergency escape equipment, monitoring and preservation systems, and various factory equipment.

Industrial UPS adopts advanced IGBT high frequency switching sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology , which makes UPS power supply quality, high efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, small size and long life. At the same time, modular design can reduce malfunction. Timekeeping (MTTR) makes maintenance easier. With the digital design of the microprocessor, it simplifies the complicated analog circuit and greatly reduces the number of parts, making the system more secure and reliable. User-friendly design enables industrial-grade UPS to provide users with high-quality, high-quality power.

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