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Installation matters related to UPS battery cabinet

Dec-12, 2019 News

The basic function of the UPS battery cabinet is to accommodate and protect the battery pack. The structure needs to ensure that a large accommodation space is left, and it can also meet the demand for sufficient strength. It also needs to consider space saving.

*Lightning protection
For UPS and EPS users in relatively wide areas, power transmission depends on overhead lines. Overhead lines are more susceptible to lightning strikes during thunderstorms. Users need to install special high-power lightning arresters on the input front end of the machine to prevent them Lightning damage to equipment and user loads.

The UPS battery rack and EPS must not be placed in a humid, dirty, or air-free environment. Small UPS should not be placed directly on the ground, and cushions should be placed on the bottom to avoid condensation in the machine caused by wet in spring. Medium and large machines should be placed in a dedicated machine room.

Before installing medium and large machines, open the door of the machine and check whether the circuit boards, cables, DC capacitors, fuses, module screws, wires, mechanism parts and transformers in the machine are loose or dropped Falling phenomenon.

The machine must be placed at a distance of not less than 30 cm between the wall of the air inlet and outlet of the machine, so as to help the machine’s heat dissipation. Medium and large UPS long-delay models need to be equipped with batteries and need to consider the load-bearing pressure of floors.

The sustainable power provided by the UPS battery cabinet helps to protect the use of computers and a variety of electrical equipment. The design of the UPS battery cabinet will directly affect the reliability of the battery.

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