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How to protect the UPS power supply from lightning

Dec-19, 2019 News

UPS power supply is a power electronic product. During a thunderstorm, thunder will also cause damage to the UPS power supply, so you need to protect the UPS power supply. According to <>In the process of grounding the equipment room, AC, DC working ground, protective ground, and lightning protection grounding should share a set of grounding devices. The grounding resistance should be determined according to the minimum value. If separate grounding is required, an equipotential common ground coupling must be installed between the two grounds. Today, I will introduce the lightning protection work of UPS power supply in detail:

1.Install high-energy lightning arresters for parallel power supply on the main power distribution board of the power room power line. Forming the first level of attenuation.

2.After the air switch of the power distribution cabinet in the equipment room, install a parallel type low-voltage power arrester with appropriate capacity, or install a series-type low-voltage power arrester with appropriate capacity on the UPS special distribution board. Forming the second level of attenuation.

3.For UPS with a signal or communication interface, in order to prevent the introduction of lightning waves from the signal or communication line, a corresponding signal lightning arrester must be installed at the signal or communication line interface. The wiring requirements of the equipment room cannot be laid along the outer wall to prevent the magnetic field from inducing a line in the equipment room when the steel bars in the wall conduct a strong lightning current during a lightning strike, which can damage the equipment.

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