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How to judge the cost performance of UPS power supply?

Jan-02, 2020 News

The load power accounts for 30%~80% of the UPS power. If the load is too large, it will cause overload of the UPS power supply when starting at the same time. If the load is too small, it will not only be wasted, but also adversely affect the performance of the battery.

1.The operation status and service life of the battery will have a direct impact on the function of the UPS power supply. When purchasing the battery, the UPS power supply with intelligent battery management skills is required.

2. It is necessary to use the UPS power of well-known enterprises as much as possible. They not only have the testing equipment, advanced, but also guarantee the quality of the products. In addition, users can supply pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales full-service services.

3. The inverter is a stable and high-quality power supply environment for the power supply equipment when the external power supply system of the electrical equipment is interrupted. Users need to have a good understanding of the technical parameters, electrical functions and scope of application of various types of UPS power, and also need to configure the corresponding UPS power according to the characteristics of their own load.

4. When selecting UPS power supply, it is necessary to consider the factors such as lightning protection and surge protection capability, overload capability, load capacity, maintainability and manageability. This ensures that the UPS power system can operate safely and reliably.

5. Pay special attention to the output capability and reliability of the UPS power supply, the adaptability of the UPS power supply to the power grid, and the conventional output performance indicators of the UPS power supply.

6. When purchasing, you need to select UPS power supply with power factor proofing technology, current harmonic suppression technology, electromagnetic compatibility design technology and silent design technology. ‍

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