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How to divide low frequency UPS and high frequency UPS

Sep-28, 2019 News

1,High-frequency UPS: Using high-frequency switching technology to replace the UPS power supply of the power frequency transformer in the rectifier and inverter with high-frequency switching components, commonly known as high-frequency UPS, high-frequency UPS is small in size and high in efficiency.

(MUST high frequency UPS 1-10KVA)

2,Low frequency UPS: UPS power supply using low frequency transformer as rectifier and inverter components that is commonly called low frequency UPS. The main power components features are stable and reliable , strong overload capacity,anti-impact ,anti-interference ability, and strong load capacity.

(MUST Low Frequency 9115 6-300kva)

3,The high frequency UPS power supply does not have an isolation transformer, and its output zero line has high-frequency current, mainly from harmonic interference of the mains grid, UPS rectifier, high-frequency inverter ripple current and harmonic interference of the load, etc., and its interference voltage value is not only high and difficult to eliminate.

The output of the low frequency UPS power supply has a lower zero ground voltage, and there is no high frequency component, which is more important for the communication security of the computer network.

4,The high frequency UPS power supply is small in size, light in weight, low in price, that is suitable for small power equipment protection at a single working point.High frequency UPS is insensitive to interference-insensitive equipment and reliability.
The low frequency UPS is suitable for all equipment protection. Whether it is a network point equipment or an IDC (data center), the reliability is high.But the low frequency UPS has the disadvantages of large volume, heavy weight and high price.

5,The high frequency UPS power supply adopts IGBT rectification and inverter, and does not need the output transformer to boost, so there is no output isolation transformer. the volume is also relatively small and suitable for low-power power supply.

The low frequency UPS power supply adopts thyristor rectification. After the inverter, it needs to be boosted by the transformer to supply power normally. Therefore, there is an output isolation transformer, the transformer volume is also relatively large, which is suitable for high power supply.

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