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How to choose UPS power supply?

Dec-12, 2019 News

The UPS power supply can ensure that the computer system continues to operate and debug after the power failure, thereby providing the time for saving the disk, so that the user is not affected by the power failure.

Types of UPS
There are many types of UPS power supplies, and the goals and protection functions of different types of protection are also different. Before purchasing, the user must determine the purpose of purchasing UPS power protection, and then select the corresponding UPS product according to the protection needs.

The localized service level and timely response of UPS manufacturers are also one of the factors for users to choose UPS products.

The UPS needs to have high reliability and high operating power, as well as uninterrupted and high-quality power supply capabilities. It also needs to have strong load adaptability and environmental adaptability. In addition, it must have the characteristics of small electromagnetic pollution, perfect protection, convenient operation, good maintainability, and high safety during operation.

After the user purchases a UPS power supply, the UPS needs to be tested on site to confirm whether it meets the actual requirements. You need to test the UPS power supply startup check, alarm and automatic shutdown check, battery power / charging time check, and utility / battery switching point check.

When choosing a UPS, users need to consider the intelligent management functions of the product. Only in this way will it be convenient for future use and maintenance. When choosing a UPS power supply, users need to focus on the comprehensive consideration of factors such as the importance of data processed by load equipment, the power quality requirements of each electrical equipment, the requirements of equipment and space, and economic budget.

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