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How to choose a better UPS?

Oct-17, 2019 News

UPS is becoming popular in almost all industries, variety of businesses, application are increasingly diversified.

UPS have 3 type: backup UPS, online interactive UPS and online UPS

1. Backup UPS has high operating efficiency, low noise and valuable price. The function is for data back up. But it have transfer time, so only continue to supply power for several minutes . Mainly use for households with easy power supply requirements.

2. The online interactive UPS protection function and software function are strong, available remote control, simple, easy management, and improving the reliability of the computer system. But frequency not stable , small size can be used in computer centers, database center.

3. The online UPS is 0 transfer time. The power supply available for long time, It use for the power supply.like computers, transportation, banking, securities, communications, medical, industrial control and other industries.

High-frequency UPS also have 3 type: Tower UPS, Rack UPS and Modular UPS.

1. Tower UPS use with a parallel redundancy,also have Bypass function. The DC output from the battery can be converted to AC power when AC power supply is cut-off. Primarily use for computer, computer network system, or other power electronics.

2. The rack-mounted UPS is designed for small space. Small size,1U in height. Can be put in a standard cabinet, easy installation, use, expansion and maintenance. The switch has two working modes, automatic and manual. protection: battery over-voltage ; output over-voltage ; output under-voltage alarm ; output short-circuit ; over-temperature. Use in communications, power, public security, fire, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries.

3. The modular UPS can installed in a standard cabinet, saving space for installation, easy maintenance. The power module, static switch module, and monitoring module all have the functions of online hot plugging, capacity expansion, and easy maintenance. The system not affect from any module ,reliable. Apply to information, communication, power, and finance. , manufacturing, transportation, health care, construction, military, aerospace and other fields.

Finally, choose a UPS is depend on your own application and environment,also the type of your Load.

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