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How many loss from photovoltaic shadow?

Jan-07, 2020 News

Shadow in photovoltaic power system, including power poles, plants, bird droppings, dust, and front and spacing of modules, how different will the photovoltaic system’s power generation?, and how much will it affect the investment income?

Residential systems hardly avoid this problems, because it seem not seriously to the power generation. But they are wrong.

Additionally, shadows in photovoltaic systems cause spots. In the long run, will accelerate module aging and lifespan.

How much does shadow occlusion affect investment returns?

As 15kW system as an example, it is calculated that a 20% power loss will affect the annual return on investment about 3%.

How to solve this problem?

Shadow is mainly due to the effects of bird droppings, dust, and tree. First choose best position to install photovoltaic modules , avoid obstruction. If unavoidable, choose a suitable module placement method. Reduces the effect of shadows on occlusion. In maintenance, pay attention to cleaning, and timely clean matter.

In system , multi – MPPT can avoid shadow problems.Like PH5000 series help you get more power.


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