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HBP1800 ES Series (3.5/5.5KW)

The HBP1800 ES energy storage system includes a 3.5 kW or 5.5 kW solar inverter and a lithium battery storage with optional energy ranging from 5120-10240 Wh. This one-stop service system makes it more convenient for you to manage your solar home battery storage.

Our flexible modular system can be designed based on your daily household energy consumption. This class-leading power station provides you with the power to run your daily household appliances, cabin workshops, or even provide power backup for your entire house for one or two days, depending on your demands. It’s the perfect emergency energy solution for villas, apartments, hotels, and shopping centers.
  • The product boasts a rated power output of 3.5KW/5.5KW.
  • It uses a modular Lithium Battery with a 5120Wh capacity.
  • The PCB board has a double-layer design.
  • It is equipped with a display that shows the accumulated working time.
  • An auto-restart feature is included that activates when AC power is restored.
  • The product has several protection features, including overload and short-circuit protection, battery reverse polarity protection, and deep discharge protection.
  • Advanced technology optimizes battery life.
  • The product has an automatic line-to-battery switch-over feature.
ModelHBP18-3524 ESHBP18-5548 ES
Nominal Battery System Voltage24VDC48VDC
Rated Power3500VA / 3500W5500VA / 5500W
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Nominal Output Voltage RMS230V
Output Voltage Regulation+10/-18%
Output Frequency50Hz / 60Hz ± 0.5Hz
Inverter Efficiency (Peak)>93%
Typical Transfer Time<10ms , 15ms max
Voltage Range170~280VAC(UPS) / 90~280VAC(APL) / 184~253VAC(VED4105)
Frequency Range50Hz / 60Hz (Auto sensing)
Note: Below Parameters base on one LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Modular
Battery25.6VDC 200AH 5120/10240Wh51.2VDC 100AH 5120/10240Wh
Low Battery Cutoff23.2VDC46.4VDC
Low Battery Alarm24.0VDC48.0VDC
Low Battery Voltage Recover25.6VDC51.2VDC
High Voltage Alarm29.0VDC58.0VDC
High Battery Voltage Recover29.6VDC59.2VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage450VDC
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range150~430VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current100A120A
Maximum AC Charge Current80A100A
Maximum Charge Current100A120A
Charger Voltage28.8VDC57.6VDC
Charging Current40A ± 2A60A ± 2A
Overcharge Protection S.D.31VDC62VDC
AC Output230Vac (Terminal)
Nominal Input Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Circuit breakerFUSE
Bypass breaker rating32A40A
Dimensions (W*D*H) (mm)512Wh: 596*220*920; 10240Wh: 596*220*1345
Shipping Dimensions (W*D*H) (mm)/
Shipping Weight (kg)//
Operating Temperature Range-10℃ to 50℃
Audible Noise60dB MAX
Standard Warranty2 year