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Sep-11, 2019 Solutions

Industrial and process control sites require protection from poor mains power quality in order to deliver consistent, high grade manufacturing output. Breaks in the mains power supply, or a supply polluted with spikes, electrical noise, sags, brownouts or surges, can lead to the suspension of manufacturing operations as lines have to be reset and output scrapped.

The best power protection solutions for industrial manufacturing sites are transformer-based. A built-in isolation transformer provides Galvanic isolation to help isolate the load from the mains power supply itself. Transformer-based UPS systems tend to be more suited to industrial sites, where back-up power is required to run through breaks in supply.

For industrial manufacturing sites, UPS efficiencies can be improved by operating the UPS in Eco-Mode or even Standby-off, where available. These modes run the UPS systems as line interactive and standby UPS respectively, with the batteries switching in when a mains power break occurs. Whilst the quality of the output supply, when mains is present, may be less than in full ‘on-line’ mode protection, the UPS is set to provide its battery back-up supply in emergencies.


  • Lastest technologies – stand-by, line- interactive and on-line double conversion
  • A wide range of UPS from 500 VA to 800 KVA
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS & Inverter available
  • Single Phase / Three Phase UPS
  • Extended runtime with external battery
  • Built-in automatic bypass
  • True on-line topology
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries
  • DC start & Automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High input power factor
  • IGBT Module and Latest PWM Technology
  • Smart Computer Interface
  • Full safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels etc

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