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Front Access AGM Battery

FCT Series 12V

MUST a major industrial battery supplier in China, has made great contribution to the storage battery market. It offers a complete range of front access AGM batteries for 19inch and 23inch cabinets in telecom battery systems. Unrivaled features and applications have made this lead acid battery highly popular among users.

Product Features of Industrial Battery
  • This AGM battery for telecom industry comes with slim shape design and front terminal connection. Thus, easy installation and maintenance can be ensured and space can be saved;
  • Radial grid design plus tight assembly technology assures this rechargeable battery prominent high rate discharge performance;
  • Our front access battery features unique design which makes it sure that the electrolyte volume can be hardly reduced during use and addition of water is not necessary in its service life;
  • Due to unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, the power storage cell can serve for more than 8 years in standby current at a temperature of 25℃;
  • Fully made from high purity materials, the front access AGM battery comes with extremely low self discharge;
  • Gas recombination technology makes this power supply device environment friendly and pollution free. To be specific, due to this technology, the battery can have super high seal reaction efficiency, thus generating no acid mist;
  • The use of best-in-class sealing technology ensures that this UPS battery is perfectly sealed, providing high security and reliability.
Applications of Long Life AGM VRLA Battery
  • Suitable for 19inch and 23inch power cabinet;
  • Used in telecom system including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;
  • Great for power supply system of private network or LAN;
  • Used as signal system battery and emergency lighting system battery;
  • Perfect for EPS and UPS system.
Other Features
  • Voltage covers: 12V
  • Capacity: From 55/10HR to 190/10HR
  • Front Access Battery, AGM Battery mainly for Telecom Industry.
Models Nominal voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Overall dimensions (mm) Weight (kg ± 3%) Terminal Layout Bolt
Length Width Height Overall height
FCT12-55 12 55/10HR 277 106 223 223 16.0 T2 C M6×16
FCT12-80 12 80/10HR 562 114 188 188 25.0 T3 C M6×16
FCT12-100 12 100/10HR 507 110 223 223 29.4 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-110 12 105/10HR 394 110 286 286 30.5 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-125 12 125/10HR 552 110 239 239 37.5 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-150 12 150/10HR 551 110 288 288 44.0 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-160 12 160/10HR 551 110 288 288 44.5 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-175 12 175/10HR 546 125 316 323.5 53.5 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-180 12 180/10HR 560 125 316 316 54.0 T5 C M8×16
FCT12-190 12 190/10HR 560 125 316 316 55.3 T5 C M8×16