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Factors affecting photovoltaic power generation

May-05, 2020 News

Factor 1: latitude
Geographical is uncontrollable factors, because photovoltaic power rely on sunlight generate electricity, the solar radiation affect the electricity generation, and this factor affected by latitude.

Factor 2: tilt angle
optimal inclination angle can obtain the maximum power generation.
When installation, it will be affected by the inclination of the home roof and local environmental factors,
Another thing is aesthetics.
actually the best inclination and aesthetics cannot be both.
In order to ensure aesthetics when installation, the inclination angle set at 1.5 °, which is also easy to the drain

Factor 3: position angle
The position relate to the direction of the sun,
When installation , we choose south direction to maximize the power generation of the solar cell.
When the angle is 28 ° to -28 ° and inclination angle is 18 °, the power generation can reach the ideal value 100%. And we choose the installation inclination of 1.5 °. The design of power station is match the roof of the user’s house, which not only aesthetics also cost-effective

Factor 4
The efficiency decreases due to dust, rain, and temperature.

TIPS: To ensure photovoltaic power work, must clean PV module once a month. use water and a soft cloth. Do not use corrosive cleaners
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