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Line-interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS/Power Inverter

EP2000 Pro Series (300-2100W)

EP2000 Pro series power frequency sine wave inverter adopts microcomputer (MCU) control technology, with short circuit protection, automatic adjustment of inverter frequency, output overload, battery charge management, monitoring and other functions.The LCD+LED display mode provides an intuitive way to understand the current operating status of the product and various operating parameters. With high stability, high reliability and high practicality, this is an ideal power supply with high cost performance.

Tower Series

Rack Series


  • Beautiful appearance and reasonable structure.
  • Small standby loss, high inverter efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • With muti-standard mode, battery priority mode, Utility priority mode, and choose whether to charge by Utility.
  • Pure sine wave output, Available various types of load.
  • Wide grid input voltage range, can be used with generators.
  • With over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, etc.
  • With automatic frequency detection to adapt to different grid environments.
  • Intelligent battery charging management and high current charging capability extend battery life.
  • LCD+LED display mode, which can intuitively understand the current operating status of the product and various operating parameters.
  • cold start function.


Widely used in household, communication base stations, monitoring systems,pastoral areas, islands and other household-type solar system power generation systems and DC-AC power supply systems.
Inverter output
Rated power300W600W800W1000W2000W
Peak power (20ms)900W1800W2400W3000W6000W
Output waveformSine wave
Output rated voltageBattery mode:220VAC±2%
Output frequency50Hz/60Hz +/-0.2Hz
Output power factor1
Battery mode efficiency>75%>81%>75%>81%>75%>81%>75%>81%>83%
Line mode efficiency>95%
Transfer timeTypical: 6ms, maximum 10ms
AC input
Input waveformPure sine wave
voltage range140~280VAC±2%
Frequency  input range50HZ/60HZ±5HZ
Utility automatic restartOK
Rated battery voltage12V24V12V24V12V24V12V24V48V
Charging voltage12V,13.5VDC-14.5VDC(Can be set); 24V,27VDC-29VDC(Can be set);  48V,54VDC-58VDC(Can be set)
Shutdown voltage12V 10.5VDC(Can be set); 24V 21VDC(Can be set);  48V  42VDC(Can be set)
Maximum charging current10A5A20A10A25A15A30A20A18A
Protect function
Overload protection110%~125%, 30S ; 125%~150%, 3S ; >150% Close immediately
Over temperature protection≦ 90℃
Output short circuit protectionTurn off the output, buzzer sounds
Battery low voltage protectionTurn off the output, buzzer sounds
Battery over-voltage protectionTurn off the output, buzzer sounds
Dimension(mm)315*145*210( Vertical);295*265*120(Horizontal)375*192*340
Net weight (kg)7.510.712.513.514.5
Transport Packaging(mm)420*280*225525*335*485
Gross weight (kg)811.5131415.5
Operating temperature0℃ ~40℃ 0~90% Non-condensing
Storage temperature-15℃ to 55℃
Altitude≤ 1000M
Noise level≤ 60dB
Cooling ModeAir cooling
Fan start>45℃ fan starting ,<30℃ fan closing
CommunicationRS232 / USB
*Note:Model:”Y”indicate Vertical,Without “Y” indicate Horizontal.