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Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Three Phase (3/3) Online UPS

EH9115 Series (80-200KVA)

EH9115 series three-in-three-out power frequency double conversion online intelligent UPS is a second-generation power supply product that has been upgraded with years of experience in the UPS industry. This series of products adopts the world's top brand device design, high-reliability all-digital processing technology, and intelligence. The human-machine dialogue interface and powerful intelligent network management provide reliable power protection for today's centralized server rooms, network management centers, computer centers, and various advanced industrial automation devices.

Product Performance

  • Full digital DSP control technology for accurate and fast data processing and excellent output performance.More reliable.
  • IGBT frequency modulation intelligent rectification inverter technology, input power factor up to 0.99, input current harmonic reach to 3%; Making output voltage and current performance is even better.
  • The whole unit efficiency is 92%; in ECO mode, the efficiency is over 98%, lowering the power loss.
  • Wide utility input range and frequency range, It make the UPS suit for different power supply equipment.
  • Like generators, etc.
  • Large LCD touch screen, operation and information reading more convenient.
  • Emergency switch EPO button for remote control.
  • Parallel connectivity is available up to 32 units, which further improves the reliability and compatibility of the UPS. This system ensures more sensitive and reliable operations of the UPS to continue feeding the load through parallel connectivity and if one unit is out of order the other will still operate and ensures a continuous supply without any interruption.
  • Double utility and single utility input optional . It makes more safety power supply for user.
  • The UPS charger can correct the charging parameters according to different environmental conditions.Optimized battery charging way.
  • According to the type of battery, the number of batteries and the state of use of the battery, choose the best charging method. Extend battery’s life.
  • The number of batteries in each group((32pcs, 30, or 28) can adjust flexibly by modifying the parameter settings.Through this function,We can remove some damaged batteries to ensure the life of the entire battery pack.
  • Provide RS232, RJ45, SNMP (optional), monitoring communication interfaces. Remote management and monitoring functions are available to facilitate customers’ various monitoring needs.


  • IT Device
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Commercial Facility
  • Medical Equipment
ModelG80KVAS 3/3G100KVAS 3/3G120KVAS 3/3G160KVAS 3/3G200KVAS 3/3
Input Voltage3 phases, 5-wire system 380V±25%/280V±25%
Input Frequency50Hz/60Hz ±5%(optional±10%)
Input Power Factor>0.8
Rated Voltage380VAC±1%
Rated Frequency50/60Hz± 1% (inversion tense)
Phase Precision120°±1°
Imbalance of 3 phases< ±1% @balanced voltages ; <±3%@ 50% imbalanced voltages ; <±5%@100% imbalanced volt.
Waveform DistortionPure sine wave Linear loads <2% ; non-linear load <3%
Overload CapacityOver load 125% can last 10 minutes, over load 150% can last 60 seconds
Crest Ratio5:01
Power Bank
Rated Voltage384VDC( optional for 192VDC,22OVDC,240vdc ,480VDC and others)
Applicable Batteries12Vdc Lead Acid Batteries
Nos, of Batteries32 pcs (28~34 pcs adjustable)
Autonomy Time SystemSubject to the batteries
Transfer TimeAc — DC 0 ms . Invert* bypass < 2 ms
Ingress ProtectionIp20
Conversion Efficiency>90%(inverted and full loading) ;>97%(ECO mode)
Humidity0~95% RH.non-condensing
Dimension W*D*H (mm)800X600X1500
N. W (kg)5075156056651140
G. W (kg)5225606507101205