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Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Three Phase (3/3) Online UPS

EH9115 Series (6-60KVA)

EH9115 series three-in and three-out power frequency double conversion online UPS, the product has high reliability and high cost performance, the capacity from 6kVA-60kVA. The series of UPS main controllers are the most advanced DSPs. For the power components ,we use low-loss high-power IGBTs and apply space vector modulation (SVPWM) technology. They have perfect detection and protection functions. The technical indicators are first-class and can be operated in a single machine. It can also be operated in parallel; optimized structural design and heat dissipation design, compact and efficient; standard RS232/485/422 interface and RJ-45 interface, optional Wi-Fi function, UPS intelligent monitoring with mobile phone or tablet The battery realizes intelligent management and optional wireless intelligent monitoring module.

Product Performance

  • Full digital control with TI’s latest 32-bit dual-core DSP. Output voltage and current apply a composite control strategy to achieve good dynamic regulation and reduce output voltage distortion.The output waveform has high quality and good load characteristics.
  • IGBT uses space vector modulation technology to greatly improve DC voltage utilization and reduce the harmonic content, the same capacity battery backup time is longer.
  • Application of advanced synchronous current sharing control technology, CAN bus parallel communication technology, the most more than 32 parallel (redundant parallel) systems can be implemented.Each unit of the parallel system is strictly synchronized and equally divided. So User expansion is convenient.
  • It adopts industrial grade powerful high-speed centrifugal fan for heat dissipation, intelligent speed regulation and low noise.The heat dissipation structure is optimized, the chassis structure is compact, and the heat dissipation is good,cost-effective.
  • The main components such as power components and filter capacitors are connected by metal busbars, which greatly reduces small parasitic inductance of the connected circuit, reducing the connection cable, reducing power device losses, easy to install, strong anti-vibration ability.
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection with input and output, phase sequence detection, battery overcharge and release protection and alarm functions such as protection, output overload short circuit protection and over temperature protection, with EPO emergency shutdown button.
  • 97% efficiency in ECO energy saving mode.
  • Optional Wi-Fi function, control with your phone or PC,can adjust rectification and inverter and other related parameters within 100m.
  • 6 pulse rectification if the power factor correction module is added, the input power factor is above 0.95.
  • Optional battery wireless monitoring module to monitor battery voltage, charge/discharge current, operating temperature, capacity and internal resistance are carried out, and reversing battery faults and alarms.
  • With GCI grid-connected operation function, a PWM inverter connected in parallel with the grid is designed.(Grid connected inverter) control system, using current instantaneous value feedback control technology, directly using the grid voltage synchronization signal as the inverter output current tracking command, through the closed loop following control of the grid side current, to achieve the unit power factor to feed the grid to the grid; The UPS grid-connected function enables the UPS itself to function as an aging load, which can be used as a micro grid energy storage station and a reversible power reserve without aging.
  • The human-machine interface adopts a liquid crystal touch screen, body color: black (other colors can be customized).
  • Installation method: floor type, with steering wheel at the bottom (can be disassembled).
  • Operation switch: rectifier switch, battery switch, bypass switch, output switch, maintenance switch are all used circuit breaker.


  • IT Device
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Commercial Facility
  • Medical Equipment
Model6KS 3/310KS 3/315KS 3/320KS 3/330KS 3/340KS 3/350KS 3/360KS 3/3
Rated Power6KVA/4.8KW10KV/8KW15KA/12KW20KA/16KW30KVA/24KW40KVA/32KW50KVA/40KW60KVA/48KW
Rated voltage380VAC
Input Voltage3 phases, 5-wire system 380VAC±25%
Rated Frequency50HZ (60HZ customized)
Input Frequency Range±5%
Input Power Factor≥0.95
Input current harmonic≤3%
Frequency Tracking
Tracking Range47.5-52.5HZ
UPS output frequency
(after frequency tracking range is exceeded)
Frequency tracking rate(0.5-2)Hz/s
Rated Voltage3 phase 380V±1%
Rated Frequency50/60Hz±1% (inversion tense)
Phase Precision120°±1°
Imbalance of 3 phases<±1% @balanced voltages; <±3%@ 50% imbalanced voltages; <±5%@100% imbalanced volt
Waveform DistortionPure sine wave ,linear loads ≤2% ; non-linear load ≤3%
Overload CapacityOver load 125% can last 10 minutes, over load 150% can last 60 seconds
Crest Ratio 5:1
DC Voltage 384VDC (optional for192VDC,220VDC,240vdc ,480VDC and others)
Applicable Batteries2V/6V/12Vdc Lead Acid Batteries
Standard configuration32 PCS/12V
Backup timeSubject to the batteries
Transfer TimeAC–battery 0ms : Inverter–bypass <2ms
Ingress ProtectionIP30(IP41 customized)
Conversion Efficiency≥90%(inverted and full load1ng); ≥97%(ECO mode)
Noise<55dB( 1m)
Average Trouble  Free Time450,000 hours
Grounding ResistanceTN-5 Type
Grounding Method(RS-232;RS-485;RS422;CAN(RJ-45,SNMP customized)
Cooling ModeAir Cooling
Humidity0 -93% RH,non-condensing
Altitude≤ 1500m
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W*D*H (mm)410*752*941
N. Weight (kg)125130165180235255280300
G. Weight (kg)158163198213268288313333