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Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Three Phase (3/3) Online UPS

EH9115 Series (250-800KVA)

EH9115 series is a high-end three-input and three-out double-conversion UPS product carefully designed by the company. The product adopts innovative design, integrated concept, with many patents.There has been a significant increase in energy efficiency, reliability and eco-friendly. Product performance indicators have reached the international leading level, product adopt multiple DSP \ MCU \ CPLD combined to achieve full digital control, could realize 8 set UPS independent parallel operation directly , without host and auxiliary difference . It has a very high cost performance and is the best choice for industries with high power supply requirements.

Product Performance

  • Three phase in and three phase out on line double conversion structure, adopt advanced rectification and IGBT inverter control technology ,support 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power grid system.
  • Wide input voltage, frequency range, superior grid adaptability.
  • Multiple DSP \ MCU \ CPLD combined for full digital control.
  • Output power factor is 0.9, stronger load capacity, and the load capacity is higher than the traditional power factor 0.8.
  • Adopting active power factor correction (PFC) technology, the input power is close to 1, greatly reducing the pollution to the utility grid.
  • Full digital independent master-slave parallel current sharing control technology, up to 8 parallel.
  • Superior output overload capability to ensure system stability and system safety under extreme conditions.
  • Advanced battery intelligent management and scientific battery automatic maintenance ensure high battery life.
  • Control power system redundancy design to ensure the reliability of the control system.
  • The cooling system is designed independently and has multiple protections inside and outside the system. It ensures reliable operation of the system in harsh environments.
  • Multiple harmonic suppression technologies to ensure the system is green.
  • Double conversion online technology, output transformer isolation, completely isolated the impact of the utility and oil machine on the load.
  • Rich communication interfaces and options:Built-in multiple communication interfaces (RS232-RS485) and dry contact interface.Access to multiple options: SNMP network communication card, battery temperature transmitter, parallel components, etc.
  • 6-inch LCD display, rich information display, friendly interface, convenient for customers.


  • IT Device
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Commercial Facility
  • Medical Equipment

Internal structure

Model CodeG250KVA3/3G300KVA3/3G400KVA3/3G500KVA3/3G600KVA3/3G800KVA3/3
Main Road
Input WayThree phase + G
Rated AC input380/400/415VAC
Voltage Range285-498VAC
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Input Frequency Range45-65HZ
Input power slow-start delay5-600 second can set
Rectifier soft start6-100 second can set
Power factor0.95(with harmonic filter)
Rated AC input380/400/415(Three phase + ground wire)
Voltage Range±10% ±15% ±20% can set
Frequency Range40-70HZ(±2.5% ±5% ±10% can set)
Rated AC Output380/400/415VAC
Voltage Regulation accuracy±1%(100% Balanced load), ±2%(100% unbalanced load)
Power Factor0.9
Voltage Dynamic Transient±5%(0-100% load change)
Waveform Distortionlinear loads ≤1% ; non-linear load ≤3%
Voltage dynamic response time<5ms
Frequency synchronization tracking rangeDefault ±2HZ (±0.5-±3Hz can be set)
Inverter overload capabilityInverter operation with output power factor of 0.9: 105% long-term, 110% 1 hour, 125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute
Frequency Accuracy±0.05%
Wave TypePure sine wave
Inverter Mode0.94
ECO Mode0.98
Number of parallel machines8 set at most
Number of Batteries12 PCS 32PCS (30-34pcs can adjust)
Display Description
Machine Depth(mm)855
Machine Height(mm)1900
Machine Width(mm)
6 pulses
Machine Width(mm)
12 pulses
Machine N.W(kg)
6 pulses
Machine N.W(kg)
12 pulses
Humidity0~95% RH.non-condensing
Control management
RS232/RS485Support Windows XP/7/8/Linux/Mac
Optional SNMP cardSupport remote monitoring and management by an SNMP administrator through a web browser
Standards Compliant
Safety RegulationsIEC60950-1,IEC62040-1-1
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC62040-2,IEC62040-3