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Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Three Phase (3/1) Online UPS

EH9115 Series (7.5-50KVA)

MUST EH9115 Series are 3 phases in single phase out UPS. The capacity ranged from 7.5KVA to 50KVA. This series have applied full digital control technology based on DSP (digitized signal processor). IGBT transformation endures high power current and high voltage with an extremely low consumption. The machine can run self-diagnose,and with standard RS232 for SNMP or RS485 cards, they are conveniently managed by central monitoring and remote monitoring Redundancy Parallel Array technology is available with this series. RPA function can operate on up to 32 units.

Product Performance

  • Full digital control
    Application of composite control technology to achieve high output dynamic regulation and reduce output voltage distortion, improved output waveform accuracy, strong impact resistance, making the load from 0 to 100% transition without switching to bypass, the output is stable and reliable.
  • Output isolation transformer
    Effectively block the impact of the load on the UPS, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the load.
  • Transfer time
    The transfer time between inverter and bypass is less than 2ms. It guarantees safe and reliable operation of the load.
  • Cold start
    AC start (cold start), convenient to operate.
  • Parallel (redundant parallel) function
    Up to 32 UPS parallel units can be implemented.
  • Display
    User-friendly Chinese and English LCD screen and intuitive LED indication and monitoring.
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range
    Provides complete protection for critical equipment in a variety of harsh electrical environment.
  • Auto re-start function
    When the utility is abnormal, the battery mode is powered until it is automatically turned off. When the utility returns to normal, The UPS can choose automatic or manual restart. And return to normal power supply.
  • Complete security protection
    With input and output above and under voltage protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection, output overload protection and alarm functions such as short circuit protection and over temperature protection.
  • Self-diagnose function
    When the power is on, the UPS starts to automatically check the critical working circuits.It is convenient to find problems in time and avoid any loss.
  • Parallel system adopts advanced synchronous current sharing control technology
  • Wi-Fi function Optional
  • Intelligent detection and monitoring function
    The microprocessor monitors the working status of the circuit in real time, and immediately protects and alarms if there is a fault.


  • IT Device
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Commercial Facility
  • Medical Equipment
MODEL7.5KS 3/110KS 3/115KS 3/120KS 3/130KS 3/140KS 3/150KS 3/1
Rated Power6KW8KW12KW16KW24KW32KW40KW
Rated Voltage3 phases 5 wires 380V± 25%(285V-475V)
Frequency50 Hz/60Hz ±5%(optional ±10%)
Power Factor≥0.9
Rated Voltage220V±1%
Frequency50/60Hz±0.5% (inverted tense)
Waveform DistortionPure sine wave, ≤ 2.5% for resistive load; ≤ 3% for non-linear load
Overload CapacityOver load 125% can last 10 minutes, over load 150% can last 60 seconds
Wave Crest Coefficient5:1
Parallel load current imbalance<±5%
Rated Voltage384VDC ( 192VDC customized)
Battery TypeLead-acid batteries
Battery Nos.12VDC*32pcs
Back-up TimeExternal battery (backup time is determined by battery capacity)
Transfer TimeAC–battery 0ms ; Invert–bypass < 2 ms
Ingress ProtectionIP20
Conversion Efficiency≥85%(full loading)
Humidity0 -93% RH,non-condensing
Altitude≤ 1500m
Noise<53db(1 meter)<55db(1 meter)<58db(1 meter)
N. Weight (kg)110115125135165199240
G. Weight (kg)143148158168198232273