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High Frequency Online UPS

High Frequency Online UPS

EH5000 Series (10-20KVA)

The EH5000 series is a new generation of high-frequency online UPS developed with advanced DSP digitization control technology, which effectively improves product performance and system reliability, with small size, light weight, and workmanship high efficiency. Effectively solves power outages, high-voltage mains, low-voltage mains, instantaneous voltage drops,Power problems such as ringing, high voltage pulses, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter, frequency fluctuations, etc.Provide the best power environment for the load.


  • Double conversion online design, output zero transfer time;
  • Adopt DSP digital control, excellent performance indicators, make the control system more stable and reliable;
  • Using active power factor correction (PFC), the input power is close to 1, large reduced pollution to the mains grid;
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range, input voltage up to 210V without switch to battery power;
  • Automatically recognize and adapt to 50/60Hz power system, can access various fuel generators can work stably;
  • With LCD+LED real-time display, users can intuitively understand the UPS operating status;
  • With self-diagnosis function, it can discover hidden faults of UPS in time;
  • N+1 parallel redundant design, which can realize 3 parallel connections, greatly improving system reliability;
  • With AC input over-voltage, under-voltage protection, output overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, battery under-voltage warning protection and battery overcharge protection;
  • The machine efficiency is up to 90%, reducing the power loss of the UPS and saving user’s cost;
  • Standard RS232 communication interface allows the UPS to communicate with the computer through the computer window enables versatile, versatile monitoring and management operations and installs an SNMP card (Optional) Implement UPS remote monitoring;
  • If there is no utility, you can use the battery to start cold;
  • With input phase sequence protection, phase sequence can not be turned on;
  • When the utility is interrupted, the UPS is discharged to the battery in battery mode; when the city power is restored,the UPS can be powered on automatically and the battery is charged for unattended operation.


Applied to small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprise branches, banking outlets ,miniaturized data center storage, network equipment, VOIP, communications equipment, automation equipment, office equipment terminal precision equipment, etc.

Internal structure

Back panel

Capacity (VA/W)10KVA/8KW15KVA/12KW20KVA/16KW
Voltage Range210-475VAC
Frequency range46-54Hz/56-64Hz 50/60Hz (Auto)
Power factor≥ 0.99
Generator InputSupport
Voltage  Range220VAC±1%
(same as frequency mode)
Frequency (battery mode)50±0.5Hz/60Hz±0.5Hz
Crest ratio03:01
Harmonic distortion≤ 2%THD( (Linear load )
≤ 5%THD( (Nonlinear load)
Output WaveformPure sine wave
SocketTerminal block
OverloadLine mode105%-125%,1min;  125%-135%,30S;  >135%,0.5S
Battery modeLoad≥105% ,30s;
Charge mode90%
Battery mode90%
Utility priority mode97%
Battery typeDepending on the capacity of the external battery
Battery number16/20 PCS
Equipment time ( full load )Depending on the capacity of the external battery
Charge time (90%)
Charge current ( max)4
Rated charging voltage218.4 / 273VDC
Temperature testYes
Transfer time
Utility mode to battery mode0ms
Inverter to pass mode0ms
Utility priority modeSupport
Normal mode (constant voltage constant frequency)Support
Parallel redundancythree( Max)
LCD displayLoad / Battery / Input / Output / Operating Mode
Alarm sound
Battery modeSounding every 4 seconds
Low electricitySounding every second
OverloadSounding 2 every second
malfunctionAlways tweet
Dimension (D*W*H)mm248x500x616
Net weight (Kg)273535
Operating environment0~40℃
Relative humidity20~90%( No condensation )
Noise intensity<55db@1Meter<60db@1Meter
Micro RS-232Support  Windows,Linux,Sun Solaris,IBM Aix,Compaq True64,SGIRIX,
FreeBSD, HP-UX and MAC
USB (optional)Windows Family & MAC
Slot (optional)SNMP/AS400 Relay Card/Rs485
EPO (optional)Support emergency shutdown