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Data Centre Power Solutions

Sep-11, 2019 Solutions

Data centre uninterruptible power supplies and server room ups systems typically run from 1kVA to 1000kVA as they can include smaller UPS for racks and decentralised power solutions to large centralised UPS systems paralleled up to MVA in capacity. The choices of topologies, includes both transformer and transformer-based UPS systems. The three principle electrical concerns for data centre and computer room type UPS systems include:

1. Right-sizing to ensure the system is installed for today’s loads and future expansion
2. Operational efficiency to reduce energy usage, and contribute towards lower datacentre efficiency ratios – PUE and DCIE, total cost of ownership (TCO) and low carbon emissions
3. Resilience and scalability to guarantee uptime in the form of stand alone or modular N+x configurations and provide suitable runtime support

Our Power projects team can provide a site power survey to measure electrical consumption over a defined time period to ensure your uninterruptible power supply is right-sized for today’s loads and for scalability to meet your future data centre or computer room expansion.


  • Lastest technologies – stand-by, line- interactive and on-line double conversion
  • A wide range of UPS from 500 VA to 800 KVA
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS & Inverter available
  • Single Phase / Three Phase UPS
  • Extended runtime with external battery
  • Built-in automatic bypass
  • True on-line topology
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries
  • DC start & Automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High input power factor
  • IGBT Module and Latest PWM Technology
  • Smart Computer Interface
  • Full safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels etc

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