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Attention! Dust affects the module power generation at least 5% !

Nov-04, 2019 News

Dust covered on the PV module is serious phenomenon, which cause reduction of the power output . At the same time, dust always exists to cause hot spots on the PV module , further reducing the output power of the PV module and affect the lifespan

So how much does the accumulation of Dust affect the PV module power generation ?

We selected a rooftop photovoltaic power station test. The two roofs were identical and the installed capacity was 71.6 KW. The difference between the power generation of the two roofing power stations in 2017 was only 0.45%. Starting from December 31, 2017, PV module cleaning will be carried out every two months from Building A. The results are shown in Figure 1

Figure 2 Comparison of power generation

The power generation comparison data above shows that the annual PV power plant is carried out in accordance with the cleaning cycle for 2 months, and the power generation improvement is about 5.5% on average.

Figure 3 Picture before cleaning

Figure 4 Picture after cleaning

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