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About UPS power factor

Nov-04, 2019 News

We all know the rated output power is an important parameter for UPS output, but UPS power is variable for any load, Like Must EH5200 is 0.9,EH5000 0.8, They related to the type of load.

Any UPS have rated output power, also the load power factor, or KVA and KW of the rated power.
—UPS output power factor is optimal load power index
— When the UPS output power factor match the load’s power factor exactly, the UPS working 100% power.
—When they not match, their life is shorter, and power can not reach 100%.
— The following statements can improve a good quality UPS or has a strong output capability: UPS output factor is 0.7~1; UPS output power factor of 0.8, with Resistive load, it should have the capacity of outputting 80KW, and the output power can reach 1
— Current IT equipment switching power supply input AC / DC conversion circuit mostly uses power factor correction technology, the output power factor can reach 0.98. Therefore, UPS equipment should be changed circuit design, the output power factor must above 0.95.

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