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7 Truths About Energy Saving in Data Center Computer Room!

Dec-24, 2019 News

Data center machine room energy saving is used in the machine room sealing, heat insulation, air distribution, air flow organization and so on. If the design is reasonable, it can also effectively reduce the cost of air conditioning.

1. The way of lower air supply can use the special cabinet for lower air supply, which can be placed back to back. The cold wind is advancing at the bottom of the cabinet. After entering the data equipment, the hot wind is discharged behind the data cabinet. The power consumption of the air conditioning fan can save 30%.

2. Use the equipment system to increase the load rate, put the equipment in an economic operation state, and reduce reactive power loss. Use the transformer to increase the load rate and put the transformer in an economic operation state.

3. The energy-consuming computer room is designed in a group and placed in the center of the building. The battery room, air-conditioning, and other functional rooms wrap the data room.

4. Arrange the locations of the high and low voltage power distribution room and UPS battery power room, close to the load center, shorten the power supply lines, reduce line losses, and reduce operating costs.

5. Using water-cooled central air-conditioning system, special large-scale water-cooled computer room precision air-conditioning and chip cooling pipes can be constructed in the data center computer room, which will directly cool the IT equipment chips.

6. Set up a raised floor and adjust the opening of the floor air outlet according to the heat load of the rack. This will not only reduce the overall air supply by 20%, but also save the energy consumption of the air conditioning fan.

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