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7 operating precautions for UPS power discharge

Mar-03, 2020 News

1.When discharging the UPS, it is not necessary to discharge all the battery capacity, just put it to two-thirds of the rated capacity. Discharge can activate the battery and extend the life of the ups battery.

2.It is necessary to know the approximate length of time that the UPS power supply can be reserved before discharge. It can be prepared during discharge to avoid damage to the load and equipment caused by unprepared discharge due to discharge to backup time.

3.In the case of medium and large power UPS power supplies, the rectifier and bypass input switches are usually designed separately. The OFF rectifier switch can be used to prevent the UPS from immediately switching to bypass mode when the battery is discharged.

4.The UPS power supply room monitoring system consists of three parts: the front-end device, the client/server APP, and the PC large-screen terminal. The user can log in to the real-time view of the operating status and related parameters of the UPS device through the client APP/PC, and can also directly view the protection on the large screen of the mobile phone. When an abnormality occurs, the alarm information can be synchronously received.

5.When discharging artificially, it is necessary to check the battery voltage drop of the UPS in real time, so that the input of the mains can be restored at any time.

6.If you can see the UPS battery, you need to check the battery for obvious deformation and leakage.

7.If the UPS uninterruptible power supply itself has the function of automatic discharge setting time, the UPS uninterruptible power supply can be self-discharged, so that the battery can be judged whether or not the battery is discharged.

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