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4 questions users need to ask when using UPS power

Jan-02, 2020 News

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a kind of power protection equipment. When the utility fails, the UPS power supply can provide emergency power to the load in time.

It is important to understand the following aspects of UPS power:

What are the requirements of the users?
Because there are a large number of models and manufacturers to choose from, users’ decision to adopt a UPS power supply that suits their needs will become the most tedious task in the purchase process. This dilemma can be addressed by assessing the scale of backup power required.
For example, there is a clear difference between the requirements of individual users and large manufacturing plants, and choosing the right system based on the building’s electrical infrastructure is an effective way to measure what type of UPS power supply to buy。

How long does it take to power?
Users have different reasons for looking for UPS power with better functionality. Some users use UPS power only to save basic work or documents, and then shut down IT systems in a timely manner. And some users want to ensure the operation of IT systems during power outages. However, it must be remembered that the power of the IT system will determine the UPS power supply time: the smaller the load power connected to the UPS power supply, the longer the UPS power supply time.

UPS power supply types and common problems:
There are three types of UPS power supply: backup UPS, online interactive UPS, and online double conversion UPS. The following explanations can solve common power problems and which type can solve the problem.
(1)Surge-caused by short and sudden power fluctuations. All three UPS power sources mentioned above can handle power surges.
(2)Power outages-usually caused by bad weather conditions, power shortages, accidents, and grid failures. All three UPS power sources can effectively handle outages.
(3)Overvoltage-usually occurs when the input voltage is above the standard level. Online interactive UPS and online double conversion UPS can properly handle this problem.
(4)Frequency change-When the generator level and power frequency fluctuate more than daily fluctuations, only the online double conversion UPS can correct this change.
(5)Line Noise-Line noise may * or degrade circuit performance. Again, only a double-conversion UPS can solve this problem.

How long can the UPS battery last?
UPS battery life will eventually run out and will need to be replaced every 3-5 years. When the battery is about to run out, the UPS power will flash a red light and issue an alert to notify the user. Because UPS power supplies mainly use lead-acid batteries, safety and monitoring management are required.

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